Day Two on the Trail, 27 miles down!

Posted on September 1, 2011


The Expedition Team has finished 27 miles, concluding the day at the Beaver Creek confluence. As you will hear in the audio clips, the group is in great spirits, but some are struggling with the inevitable blisters from such long days on the trail. None the less, good mileage is being made on the expedition and the weather is holding. There are some persistent complications with the solar panel and getting an adequate charge on the equipment, so communications and uploads have been brief. On Friday, photos and further details from the trail will be uploaded- offering a more complete picture of the Expedition. Trouble shooting technology and creating new solutions for sharing data have become key skillsets for using the Expedition equipment in the field.

Click here for a report from Expedition leader Brant Miller

Click here for a narrative from Laura Kostenblatt

Click here for a narrative from Leslie Van Niel

One of the Adventure Learning principles is synchronized learning opportunities. These events or activities connect students, teachers, researchers and scientists to each other in real-time. These opportunities are intended to enhance the communication and learning, enliven the dialogue about what each group is studying or experiencing and potentially reveal new understandings or
directions for inquiry.

Look for posts tomorrow from the synchronous chat between the MOSS
students on the trail and the EDCI Elementary Science Teachers in Moscow.

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